Baccarat Live Dealer

Live dealer casino games are considered to be the next step in online gaming. By using video streaming technology, live dealer games bring players into the casino itself where real dealers deal out the cards at real tables. The concept is actually quite simple; the gaming software features an integrated video feed that is directly linked to the live casino. When players log into the casino game, they can take up a spot at a live table. With live dealer Baccarat, players are able to see everything that is going on at the table and interact with the dealer via a chat window. The software allows players to place bets using virtual chips that get translated into live bets on the baccarat table.

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VIP Baccarat

At land based casinos, one of the perks of playing baccarat is being able to level up and play at the high stakes table. The good news for high rollers is that live dealer baccarat offers VIP baccarat tables specifically designed for high rollers and VIP players. As with most VIP tables, the minimum table limits are much higher than the standard baccarat tables. To add to this, the VIP baccarat games offer HD quality video streaming with stunning locations and multi-camera action. Every part of the game has been styled and designed to create a feeling of luxury and opulence. If you are looking for the ultimate live baccarat game, VIP baccarat is the certainly the way to go.

How Baccarat Live Dealer Works

Live dealer baccarat is a played in exactly the same way as the casino version either online or at land-based casinos. The idea is to create the most realistic experience possible. As such, when players log into the game, they can choose a seat at one of the open tables. Each table has a maximum of seven seats with a single dealer behind the table dealing the cards. The game software allows players to place bets by clicking on the virtual chips located at the bottom of the screen and then placing them on the designated betting area on the baccarat table.

While the game is in play, players can chat to the dealer and other players around the table via the in-game chat window. The dealer can talk directly to the players via the video feed. With live dealer baccarat, oversized cards are used so that each and every player can see exactly which cards are being dealt at which time. As with any classic baccarat game, players can place bets on themselves, on the banker or on a tie bet.    

Baccarat Live Dealer Mobile

One of the benefits of having an integrated virtual live casino is that you can access the casino from any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world. For mobile casino enthusiasts, accessing the live dealer casino is a simple as logging onto the mobile casino website and clicking on the instant play button. In New Zealand, mobile live dealer baccarat can be played via the mobile flash site or by downloading the mobile casino app. The mobile live dealer game streams live video footage directly to your device. The quality of the video feed will be entirely dependent of the speed of the internet connection.

Baccarat Live Dealer Free Play

When online casinos first opened their virtual doors, one of the biggest drawcards was giving players the ability to play free casino games as well as real money games. In a brick and motor casino, playing for free simply isn’t an option. Live dealer casino games have taken the best of both worlds and created the ultimate live casino experience with all the perks of online gaming with the realism of a real land-based casino. This means that players can log on and play live dealer baccarat for free without having to make a deposit. In New Zealand, all top-rated live dealer casinos offer free gaming in some form or another. Some casinos offer players the ability to view games in progress while others allow practice bets in order to get players used to the style, speed and design of the game itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Talk to the Dealer?

You can communicate with the dealer via the in-game chat window. The dealer can talk to the players directly via the video feed.

Do I Have to Wait for an Open Seat?

With live dealer baccarat, each table has a maximum of 7 players. If a table is full, players can choose an open table at the casino.

How Big are the Cards?

Live dealer games use oversized cards so that players can see exactly which cards are dealt in each hand.

Can I Play for Free?

Yes all top rated New Zealand live dealer casinos offer free and real money live dealer games.

Can I Place Multiple Bets?

Yes, as with any standard baccarat game, players can place single or multi bets on any hand.