Blackjack Live Dealer

In New Zealand, live dealer casino games have become more popular than ever. But how exactly do they work? The concept is actually quite simple. Live dealer casinos use live video footage of dealers based inside the casino. The game software then streams the video footage directly to the players who interact with the dealers in real time. It is a bit like having a video conference call with the casino itself.

Live dealer games like blackjack use real cards, real tables and real dealers, giving players the most realistic experience possible. Players are able to place bets and interact with the dealer via the software that is linked to the video feed. This means the players can play real money blackjack in a classic casino environment with real live results.

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VIP Blackjack

In land-based casinos, blackjack is a game that attracts both novice players and high rollers. To cater for the more experienced players, casinos generally offer VIP rooms and high roller tables. This is also the case with live dealer casino games. In New Zealand, all top-rated live dealer casinos offer specialised VIP tables for VIP members and high rollers. With live dealer blackjack, VIP tables include higher betting limits, HD quality video feeds, expert dealers and beautifully decorated backgrounds. All aspects of the game have been boosted, including the interaction with the dealer, the speed of play and the amount of money that can be won at the table. VIP blackjack offers players a top-class casino experience with every game.

How Blackjack Live Dealer works

Live dealer blackjack is designed to give players the most realistic casino experience possible. As such, the game is played in exactly the same way as you would play in a land-based casino. When players log into the game, they can take an open seat around the table joining up to six other players or choose to play alone. The game software allows players to see all parts of the blackjack table as well as the dealer and the cards at all times. Players can interact with the dealer by typing messages into the chat window. The dealer can speak directly to the players via the video feed.

With live dealer blackjack, players can place bets by clicking on the virtual chips located on the screen and placing them on the designated betting areas on the table. The integrated software will inform the dealer which bets have been placed. Once all the players have placed their bets, the dealer will deal out the cards. All the classic blackjack bets are possible including side bets with the option of raising the bets at certain stages of the game.

Blackjack Live Dealer Mobile

One of the benefits of playing online is having access to mobile games. This is also true for live dealer games. With advances in mobile gaming, live dealer casino games can be accessed and played on all leading smartphone and tablets. In New Zealand, players can log on and play live dealer blackjack directly from the mobile website. In most cases, the games can be played instantly via the flash site or played via the downloadable casino app. The mobile version of the game offers the same high quality video steaming experience as the online version. Players can still interact with the dealers and view each and every blackjack hand as it is played. The only difference is that you can play at home or on the go.

Blackjack Live Dealer Free Play

One question most people have is if live dealer games can actually be played for free. The short answer is yes they can. In New Zealand, many top-rated live dealer casinos offer free play live dealer baccarat and other games to all registered casino members. The integrated game software allows players to place practice bets to give players a realistic idea of what it is like to play and win online. In some cases, the casino will only allow players to watch as a bystander as other players around the table place bets and interact with the dealer. In each case, players can gather all the information they need to start playing for real money and the chance to win big!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play for Free and for Real Money?

Yes, in New Zealand, live dealer casinos offer free play and real money games for all registered members.

Are the Gaming Results Live?

Yes, all live dealer games are played live with real cards, real tables and real dealers.

Can the Dealer See Me?  

No. The dealer can only see the messages typed up in the chat window from the players around the table.

What Happens if I Win?  

As with standard online casino games, all winnings are automatically deposited into your online casino account.

Is the Game Slower than Standard Online Blackjack?  

In general live casino games are played at a slower pace in order to accommodate all the players around the table. Players are given a specific amount of time to place their bets before the dealer starts the round.