Live Dealer Hold`em

When it comes to playing live dealer Hold’em games online, the first question is usually “how do they work?” The concept is actually quite simple. Live dealer casino games like Hold’em poker use video streaming technology to create a video link with the live casino and the player. The software integrates the video feed into the game which allows players to place virtual bets and chat the to the dealer via a chat screen. Players occupy an open seat at the poker table and place live bets while the dealer shuffles and deals the cards in full view of the camera. It is just like being at a live casino with the convenience of playing anywhere, anytime.

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VIP Live Dealer Hold’em Poker

In New Zealand, all top rated land based and online casinos offer VIP tables and games for high rollers and VIP members. This also applies to live dealer casino games. For advanced poker players, land-based casinos offer a separate VIP section where the table limits are higher and the service is impeccable. The good news is that live dealer casinos offer the same high class VIP service with all of the casino games. In the case of live dealer Hold’em poker, the casino will offer specific VIP tables where the limits are much higher and the game is a little faster. VIP Hold’em poker also offers HD quality video with expert dealers and more betting options all set against a luxurious backdrop.                       

How Hold’em Poker Live Dealer Works

Live dealer Hold’em poker is a card game based on the casino version of the classic Texas Hold’em poker game. In the casino version, players compete against the dealer and not the other players around the table. With live dealer Hold’em poker, players can log in and take a seat at one of the open tables at the casino. The game is then played in exactly the same way as it would be played in real casino. Players place their bets by clicking on the virtual chips at the bottom of the screen and placing them in the designated betting area.

With live dealer Hold’em poker, players are given ample time to place their bets before the dealer starts to deal out the cards. During the game, players can chat to the dealer and other players around the table via the in-game chat window. The dealer speaks directly to the players via the video feed. After each round of betting, the dealer deals out the players cards and the community cards. A player’s winnings are automatically added to the player’s casino account.

Hold’em Poker Live Dealer Mobile

One of the perks of playing online casino games is being able to access the game via your smartphone or tablet. This is also true for live dealer casino games. With advances in mobile technology, players can stream live video feeds directly to their mobile device and experience top-quality live dealer gaming at home or on the go. In New Zealand all top-rated live dealer casinos offer mobile games like mobile live dealer Hold’em poker that can be played instantly online via the mobile flash site. Players can also download the mobile casino app and play individual games for free or for real money at any time.

Hold’em Poker Live Dealer Free Play

With regular online casino games, players are able to play online for free and for real money. What most people want to know is “Can I play live dealer games for free?” - The answer is yes. In New Zealand, all top-rated live dealer casinos offer free live dealer games as well as real money games. You might think that because the game is live, you cannot place practice bets. The good news is that the integrated software allows players to place virtual bets in order to feel first-hand what it is like to play live Hold’em poker online. In some cases, the casino only allows players to view the game as a bystander, while other casinos allow players to actively participate with practice bets and swap over to playing for real money if they prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game played in real time?  

Yes, all live dealer games are played with live video feeds in real time with no delays.

Can I talk directly to the dealer?  

Yes, players can chat to the dealer and other players using the chat window located inside the game software.

Can I place more than one bet?  

Yes, with live dealer Hold’em poker, all the standard bets apply including side bets and bonus bets.

How long does each round take?

Live dealer casino games usually take a bit longer than online games. In most cases, players are given around 30 seconds to decide on which bets to place before the dealer starts dealing out the cards.

Can I see the table at all times?  

Yes, with live dealer Hold’em poker, players can see every part of the table and all the cards being dealt at all times.