Live Dealer Games are Here!

What’s the newest and most innovative way in which to enjoy casino games? As love casino games – that’s how! The live casino gaming trend is one that’s only really taken off in the last couple of years but it’s gaining speed and more and more New Zealanders are discovering the joys of this new way of playing. If you’re not sure about what a live casino game is, it’s basically a real life casino game that’s broadcast to your computer or smartphone. Everything that you could expect from a land-based table game can be found in a live casino game. If you ever thought that online casino games were convenient to play, just wait until you give live casino games a go!

Live Casino Games at All Slots!

If you’re ready to play real life genuine casino games on your PC, what better place to try it all out than at All Slots Casino? All Slots is a well-established online casinos that also offers a mobile casino for smartphone users. This operator has been offering its gaming services since 2002 and has recently begun offering its exciting live casino games to player from New Zealand. Of note is the diversity of live casino table games and the ones that come with actual Playboy bunnies! So, not only will you get table games already manned by some really fetching dealers, but you will get the added benefit of being able to play ones overseen by lovely ladies who are on the same level as the centrefolds in the popular Playboy publications!

Live Casino Technology

Signing up with All Slots Casino means playing some of the best live casino games around. All the live casino games are table games with the added benefit that you don’t need to move a muscle! Live casino games will give you the pleasure of setting foot on a real casino floor without actually having to do it! In terms of the technology that brings these games to you, all the good stuff about online casino games have been merged with those of traditional table games. This is why you’ll see the actual table you’re sitting at with your name super-imposed where you’re sitting and in addition to this you’ll be able to see your bank balance, who else is at the table and you’ll have live chat software to speak to the dealer and other players.

Games to Play at All Slots

The All Slots selection of live casino game has all the main table games, meaning you’ll get to play roulette, baccarat and blackjack. The exact titles at All Slots are:

These were the games available upon going to publication, but as is the nature of most online casinos, this number will most likely increase.