Let’s face it, the lottery still represents one of the simplest ways in which to play a game of chance, and now, thanks to a place like WinTrillions, your chances just got better! WinTrillions doesn’t just offer you the chance to win lottery-sized rewards in New Zealand, it provides you with the tools to take part in lotteries from all around the world. The choices of lottery games at your disposal are simply staggering. There is nothing that WinTrillions does not cover. All the major lotto territories are covered and the process of purchasing tickets is made possible by WinTrillions through their procurement process. All that’s required from your side is to go through the sign-up process, deposit money into your lottery account and then choose the games you’d like to play. WinTrillions will then purchase the tickets on your behalf – it’s that simple.

Lotteries at Your Fingertips!

With WinTrillions you’re allowed to play government-licensed lotteries from all around the globe. The best part is that you can play on 22 of the world’s best lotteries from the comfort of your home or through the convenience of your phone. So many people would just love to play the USA Mega Millions with its world-shattering jackpot of $656 million, and WinTrillions gives you the chance to play for this very jackpot!

Why Play at WinTrillions?

So the real question is why play at WinTrillions? Why sign up at this online global lottery organisation? Why invest your hard-earned cash with them? Here’s why:

  • Win Trillions offers 22 of the world’s most lucrative lotteries
  • Thanks to an easy purchase system you simply choose your games, make a payment and WinTrillions will do the rest
  • It’s all digital which means you won’t ever be able to lose a ticket, plus WinTrillions will send you a scanned copy
  • Automatic subscription renewal means you don’t have to remember when the next draw will occur
  • There is no need to remember your numbers because WinTrillions will notify you if you win

Playing at WinTrillions?

The first thing you’ll need to do is subscribe to the WinTrillions website. After you’ve received your password and account number it’s simply a case of deciding which of the amazing lottery games you’d like to play. Put the games in your shopping cart and use the checkpoint to pay for your order whereby the process will be complete. Each lottery game comes with its rules, dates and starting times and explains precisely how to choose your numbers.

What Happens when You Win?

Once you’ve paid for your online lottery tickets you’ll be sent a confirmation email. From this point on it’s simply a case of waiting to know if you’ve won. If you do win, WinTrillions will send you an email to confirm the fact. If you’ve won anything exceeding $600, then someone from their Winners Support Team will personally call you. Each operator also has their own website that you can check for yourself. All winning numbers will also be published on the WinTrillions website. WinTrillions also has a free email alert option.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Anything under $600 is automatically credited to your WinTrillions account. All you need to do then is transfer those funds into your bank account or an online account – the choice is yours. Amounts exceeding $600 are handled individually and will require that you provide some kind of proof of identity and some other form of documentation. Online casinos do the same thing when wins exceed a certain amount. Always keep in mind that you need to pay for your numbers at least 5 hours before the draw occurs.