Avalon 2 Pokies will go Mobile

Avalon 2: The Quest for the Holy Grail Online Video Pokies has finally arrived – and what a game it is! This latest release from Microgaming took a total of 2 years to produce and the final product showcases the hard work done by this pokies game’s design team. This is one game that is destined to be converted into an Android pokies game and a mobile pokies game. It simply cannot be confined to the desktop and online casino space alone. What recently happened to The Dark Knight Rises™ – its conversion into a mobile pokies game – is sure to happen to Avalon 2 also. This latest pokies adventure takes the Arthurian legend up quite a few notches and introduces a number of intriguing characters and a total of 8 casino bonus rounds! There are 243 Ways to Win in this superb pokies sequel and these fixed paylines provide plenty of opportunity for you to win big!

Avalon 2: A Fresh Perspective

Avalon 2: The Quest for the Holy Grail totally reinvents the original Avalon online and mobile pokies game by fleshing out the type of story found in fantasy novels and films. It then goes further with its design elements clearly seen in the game’s graphics. 3D graphics along with motion capture technology has been employed and thus all the characters within Avalon 2 move with human-like realism. And talk about characters, Avalon 2’s lineup includes King Arthur, his wife Guinevere, Merlin his trusted advisor, Morgan his evil half-sister and the evil figure known simply as The Black Knight.

Every one of these Arthurian characters has been brilliantly rendered and this online pokies game not only has an ethereal, fantasy look and feel, it has an almost cinematic quality. Avalon 2 provides an exceptional all round gaming experience and runs flawlessly on iPhone, iPad and Android, making it possible for you to enjoy all it has to offer anywhere, anytime.

Avalon 2: 8 Casino Bonus Rounds

A large faction of this pokies game takes place on a grandly drawn map which showcases the various casino bonus rounds. In no particular, they are:

  • The Misty Vale
  • The Lake of Legend
  • The Forest Falls
  • The Whispering Woods
  • Morgan’s Keep
  • The Dusky Moors
  • The Isle of Avalon
  • The Hall of Shadows

Every one of these online pokies bonus rounds offers different rewards and there are extra Wilds, Rolling reels and an abundance of other features that boost your chances of a huge payout. The more you play Avalon 2 at a mobile casino, the greater your chances of winning, as you’ll progress through the bonus tiers until you reach the Hall of Shadows, and the ultimate prize.

With such intriguing names, you cannot doubt the type of rewards in store. Each casino round has to be completed for progression to the next. If there’s one thing that cannot be disputed, it’s that Avalon2 is epic and will very soon be making its way into the palm of your hand when it gets converted into a mobile pokies and Android pokies game.