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New Zealand Casino FAQ’s

Welcome to our FAQ section where we deal with and offer up advice on the usual run of questions posed by online casino players and those New Zealanders looking to become online casino players. If you’re new to it all, then deciding to gamble with your real money online might seem daunting, and to get reassurance you might like to have your concerns doused and questions answered.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal?

Online gambling is a fully regulated industry in terms of bodies that govern and oversee ethical practices. It is after all an industry that accumulates billions of dollars every year. This is not an industry that can afford to find itself in nefarious hands. For players coming from New Zealand, you are allowed to play at a number of online casinos. What is not allowed for an online casino is to be based in New Zealand and then offer its services to players from New Zealand. So basically, locals cannot cater to locals. The Gambling Act of 2003 makes it all quite clear in terms of internal companies facilitating locals with online casino games. The Act also prohibits the advertising of casino games. So, in a nutshell, if you’re from New Zealand, and you’re gambling at an online casino based outside of the country, you are allowed to do so.

Do I Pay Taxes on My Winnings?

You are under no obligation to pay taxes on the cash you win through online gambling. If, however, gambling is your sole form of income, then your winnings are taxable. Often, if gambling is what you do for a living, you should register as a professional gambler and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

How Do I Know Which Sites Are Safe?

Safe online casino sites for New Zealanders are first and foremost the ones you’ll find on this website. Things to look for which are indicative of safe sites are approval emblems and seals or logos from well-known governing bodies within the industry. Awards are also good indications of safety and legitimacy. Licencing is another signpost of safety. If the casino is licenced by one of the major territories allowed to do so, you can be assured of safety. Be on the lookout for the SSL Security emblem on the site too as this is to say that when you’re keying in your details to log into your account, that those details will remain private. Do a search on the internet. There are many sites that investigate player queries in terms of general service, customer support and payouts. Often these sites will advise on what should be avoided in the interim and what should never be approached.

What are my Deposit Options?

Your New Zealand online casino deposit options are varied and are usually chosen with your region in mind. On the whole though, the available banking options are internationally recognised ones like Visa and MasterCard along with their debit and credit card options. The other deposit options are composed of e-wallets, e-vouchers and online payment options. Neteller, Ukash and Direct Bank Transfers are prime examples of these services and options.


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