Roulette FAQ

Known as the King of Casino Games, everyone enjoys watching the red and black wheel spin and waiting to see where the ball finishes up when it comes to rest. Find your Roulette FAQ answers here, so you can get the most out of playing at our recommended casinos online.

What are the Variations of the Game?

The original version, still commonly seen in Roulette casinos, is the French format. This was created in France during the 17th century, when mathematician Blaise Pascal tried to create a perpetual motion machine.

From there it spread to Europe and then, with pioneers, to the new world of America. This is where the European and American formats were created.

Which Game Has The Best House Edge?

The American wheel has an additional green panel numbered 00, which increases the House Edge from 2.70% to 5.26%. The European or French versions thus have the lower House Edge, while their American counterpart offers more of a challenge.

What is the La Partage Rule?

This is one of the Roulette rules in the French version. When you place an even-money Outside Bet and lose, La Partage says you are paid back half of your original wager. For novices who are still getting familiar with the game, this can be very helpful.

What is the En Prison Rule?

La Partage and En Prison are French Roulette rules. En Prison is not seen as often as La Partage, but is very beneficial and worth looking out for at Roulette casinos. The rule says that when you place an Outside Bet and lose, the wheel is re-spun. If you win this time, you get your full payout.

What are Outside Bets?

This is an important Roulette FAQ as it can affect the way you wager and win. Outside bets are found on the outside track of the table and have odds of almost 50/50. The House Edge comes from the fact that if the ball lands in one of the green pockets, you lose automatically.

The Outside Bets are Red/Black, High/Low and Odd/Even. Respectively, these are predictions that the ball will hit a red or black pocket, a pocket numbered from 19 to 16 or 1 to 18, or one that has an odd or even number. Payouts are an even 1:1.

What are Inside Bets?

Inside Bets are found on the inside track of the table. They are much more specific than Outside wagers, and predict that the ball will land within a small range of numbers or even the particular panel that the ball will hit. The Roulette payout rates vary depending on the specific wager, and options include the Straight, the Street, the Split, the Basket, the Corner, the Line and the Snake.

What are the French-Only Bets?

With this type of Roulette FAQ are often focused on the wagers that are specific to this version. The wagers here include the Voisins du Zero, which says the ball will hit a number adjacent to the 0 on the betting table.

Tiers du Cylindre predicts it will land on 1 of the 12 numbers opposite the 0, and Orphelins says it will hit 1 of the panels not involved in the Voisins or Tiers wagers. For Jeu Zero, you predict that the ball will land on 0 or one of the segments closest to it.

What Roulette Payout Can I Expect?

This is a common Roulette FAQ, because players want to know what they are likely to win! As a general rule, the more specific a prediction is, the greater the odds and the potential rewards. For example, Outside Bets have an almost 50/50 chance of winning, and offer a return of 1:1. On the other hand, Straight Inside Bets that predict the exact number of the pocket that the ball will land in have a return of 35:1.