Bridesmaids Online Pokies

Get ready for that special feeling, when the bells are ringing and the birds are singing! We’re not talking about your wedding day, we’re talking about Bridesmaids, the online pokies game by the software giant Microgaming. We all remember the surprise comedy hit from 2011 as a movie, and now we have it as an online and mobile casino pokies game. The movie sees 5 women, all hilarious in their own way, preparing for their best friends impending nuptials, which sees a boat load of gags in the lead up to the big day. Some might think this game will solely appeal to the female clientele of online casinos using Microgaming as a supplier, but for those who watched the movie they’ll agree that the humour has the reach to tickle the senses of both men and women. 

Essentially a female version of the hit film The Hangover, Bridesmaids brought non-stop laughs and entertainment to the big screen. The same happens all over again in this online pokies game, and you’ll be laughing at the amusing antics of this group of girls as they prepare to walk their best friend down the aisle.


Bridesmaids Online Pokie is a 5 reel, 4 row and 40 payline video pokie, with a minimum bet of 0.40 coins and a maximum bet of 60 coins. The design of the game is not complex at all so players should find the game fairly easy to navigate, which makes a welcomed change from suppliers trying to turn titles into something way removed from online pokies. The theme of the game does revolve around the wedding genre so there is a pink colour scheme, however players will see this as part of the humour as images of the bridesmaids themselves are highly visible. Clips of the film can also be found on display to spice up the show. There is no indication of when a prize or bonus round will occur, as it can happen at any time. The prizes start with matching card suits, then increase in coin amounts if you land the bridesmaids on the reels. 750 coins can be claimed for landing the bride herself, Lillian. However, it’s the bonus game that will really fill up your wedding kitty, where the cupcake symbols act as Scatters. They have two functions – to multiply your bets up to 200x and also to activate the Wheel Bonus. The Wheel bonus is a stage where a generous amount of bonuses can be won, such as a boutique bonus where you match the bridesmaids, 10 friendship free spins and Flying High Free Spins which are enhanced by a rolling wheel multiplier with expanding Wilds. Another attraction is being able to pick out your top 10 favourite movie scenes for a shot at more prizes. The Wild symbol is the Bridesmaids logo, which can replace standard symbols to offer up increased winnings.

Game Play

Players are able to adjust the wage amount with ease which enables you to have a game at your own pace, and limit the amount you spend. There are also quite a few different sound effects that ring out while you play, from the festive theme while the game is open to the highly appropriate reel sounds that have the wedding feel all over. If sound effects aren’t your thing you can just turn them off.

The games graphics are stunning and will once again introduce you to the cast of the film. Only this time around, they could be lining up big wins for you! There’s so much to enjoy in  Bridesmaids and Microgaming has done an excellent job in creating an online pokies game that’s filled with fun.

With the amount of bonus features embedded in this game, Bridesmaids Online Pokies opens up all sorts of jackpot-like opportunities and it’s hard not to see it as anything other than a winner. Added to the fact that you get to play with a grin on your face as a result of the humour the game represents, it all makes for one awesome walk through the confetti of winnings.