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Crazy 80s Online Video Pokies

The period of the 1980s remains one of the most defining decades of the 20th century. It was a time of outrageous fashions, the emergence of electronic music along with hip hop, definitive films, and the era in which technology truly made its mark and set forth the events that would lead to many of the high tech gadgets we cart around today. If you’re in the mood to take a trip down memory lane to relive some of these key iconic moments while also standing a chance to walk away with some excellent cash rewards of up to 5 000 coins, then Crazy 80s Online Video Pokies is the casino game you’re looking for.

Playing Crazy 80s

Designed by Microgaming and sporting 5 reels and 9 paylines, Crazy 80s Online Pokies delivers bright colours and loud sounds quite reminiscent of that kitsch era to entertain Kiwi players for hours on end. Set against a soundtrack that sounds like something straight out of Flashdance, this pokies game comes with Wilds and Scatters to help fuel the odds of winning big. You’ll hark back to the days of working on your Commodore 64 while you play this vintage themed pokies title that seems to be totally enveloped in its theme of cheese!

Senseless fashion, ludicrous make-up, aviator sunglasses, Rubik cubes and audio cassettes make up for majority of this online pokies game’s artwork. The neon pokies colour scheme is carried across the reels and even the lower value playing card icons are suitably decked in the crazy colours that were so prevalent in the 80’s. The two most prominent symbols be aware of is the Wild Boom box and the Long Gym Socks Scatter. One an icon of technology, the other an icon of style, these two symbols will help you get closer to the 5 000 coin jackpot on offer.

The Boom box, the original party starter and breakdancing companion, will substitute for all other symbols in this pokies game to help build lucrative combinations while the height of women’s gym fashion, the long sock, will multiply the total number of credits wagered. The Wild will not replace the Scatter but this is a simply a pokies game formality.

Although this online pokies game doesn’t have any additional bonus features other than the 2 special symbols, there are sill plenty of chances for you to win big. The jackpot is impressive in its own right and players of all skill levels can enjoy this online pokies game on the go. It’s simple enough for those new to the exciting world of pokies, yet energetic and appealing for experienced players too.

Crazy 80s Online Pokies is not a complex casino game. In fact, with 5 reels and 9 paylines, it’s one of Microgaming’s simpler video pokies titles. But, what it may lack in additional winning feature or more advanced bonus games, it makes up in its fun filled retro theme. Play it to win it!