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Fire Flies Online Pokies

The fun of camping in the great outdoors comes alive in Fire Flies Online Pokies, a Cryptologic creation that playfully takes players on a wild trip that will see you encounter all types of wildlife in its imagery along with key camping equipment. Cryptologic casino games always offer incredible visuals and this outdoor adventure is no different in terms of its amazing artwork. Hungry bears, sneaky racoons, standard camping equipment such as fishing rods, a flashlight, bug spray and a survival knife all account for the visual appeal of this slots game while also providing great lucrative possibilities.

Playing Fire Flies

Fire Flies Online Pokies keeps things pretty tight and simple. Don’t expect any major interactive elements. But having said that, this is still a very formidable pokies game and for what it has, does offer a fair amount of fire power. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Fire Flies offers up its entertainment value with all the major wins being made by way of its Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol, Multiplier and Free Spins.

In terms of sheer winning strength, your power symbols in this pokies game consists of the Wild, the Fire Flies symbol and the Bonus symbol. Aside from the multiple reward possibilities it can create, the Wild symbol can award you with 5 000 coins if you get 5 on an active payline. Second in line is the Fire Flies symbol with a maximum output of 2 000 coins should 5 land on an active payline.

The Wild Fire symbol can imitate all other symbols and cause potentially massive rewards to come your way. What makes this wild symbol different from ones you’ve most likely seen in online pokies games made by Microgaming or Playtech, is that it only reveals itself after the reels have spun. What this means is that a result can seem unsuccessful only to suddenly reveal itself as the opposite with certain symbols catching a light.

The free spin feature is initiated when the campfire symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously. Two things happen; you receive double the amount you wagered and you get rewarded with 7 free spins. Plus, while the spins tick off, they can also be retriggered. Adding further fuel to the fire is the fact that you can get expanding wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 to increase your winning potential.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Fire Flies Online Pokies delivers solid entertainment. It doesn’t come with anything you haven’t seen before in terms of its win-enabling features. Where this pokies game does stand out is its artwork. The graphics are simply amazing and actually make Fire Flies quite an immersive experience. The payouts can be pretty good on this one and the fact that the wild is so elusive up the very last spin gives this game a major edge-of-your-seat quality. Kiwi players will enjoy this Cryptologic creation and it’s why we here at Casino Online New Zealand recommend it.