Jackpot Raiders Online Pokies

There’s a tried and tested formula for a successful adventure story: take a couple of treasure hunters, throw in an exotic location, a map, a few twists and turns and an ultimate goal and voila! The cool thing is that, it doesn’t matter how you tweak the ingredients, people will always have a taste for adventure, and it is upon this exact premise that Yggdrasil Gaming’s beautiful online and mobile pokies creation, Jackpot Raiders builds its success. In typical Yggdrasil fashion, this game features some beautiful imagery, captivating audio, fun in-game features and exhilarating winning potential. While this title is available to play at plenty of online and mobile casinos, we recommend LeoVegas, not only because of its exceptional selection of premium casino games, but its generous promotions, hands-on customer support and more. For now, let’s check out Jackpot Raiders.

Symbols and Features

Jackpot Raiders is a 3x5-reel online and mobile pokies game that boasts just 20 paylines, a minimum wagering size of 0.10 credits and a max of 40. As such, this title may not appeal much to those kinds of players who enjoy betting in larger increments, but its beautiful design is certain to entice even the most hardened high-roller. The reels appear to be set against a background that features the inside of a ship. The symbols you will encounter include both a younger and older male character, a hat with a knife underneath it, a backpack and gorgeously stylised playing card symbols: spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. As with any release from Yggdrasil, the game involves far more than just clicking a spin button and hoping for a win. You will notice the names of various locations beneath each reel, including Summit Shrine, Highland Gate, Jungle Ruins, Desert Tomb and Templar Grave. These all form the tip of the iceberg of bonus features that this game features, which we won’t even attempt to spoil for you in the scope of such a review. While there is no Wild symbol in this game, the compass Scatter is a special one to look out for, as well as various maps that you can collect, each of which is related to one of the special locations listed above.

Play Today

There is literally no room for boredom in any of the online and mobile pokies games from Yggdrasil’s catalogue, and Jackpot Raiders is no exception. There is quite a lot going on in the game, to be fair, but all that means is that this creation is one worth your time and attention. The game is available to play at LeoVegas, home to some of the best online and mobile pokies games in New Zealand. If you’re to explore beyond your usual boundaries and uncover some treasure, play Jackpot Raiders, today!