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Judge Dredd Online Video Pokies

In the year 2137, America is an irradiated wasteland. Within it lies a city. Outside a massive boundary wall is nothing but a desert known as the cursed earth, within it, Mega City 1 – a city with more than 800 million people. In this city, everyone is a potential perp (criminal). However, in such dire circumstances the hope of the innocent rest on one man and his name is Judge Dredd. NextGen have struck absolute gold with their creation of Judge Dredd Online Video Pokies, a game taken straight from the pages of the original 2000 AD comics. Dredd’s world is many things. It’s incredibly advanced and this is showcased by the buildings that populate Mega City 1. But it’s also a brutal and violent world that needs constant policing and that’s where Dredd comes into the picture. So if you’re ready to enter an exciting yet bloodthirsty world where massive wins could be yours, then give Judge Dredd Online Video Pokies a go!

You are the Law!

In the comics Dredd has a signature phrase – “I am the law!” Now it’s your turn! Judge Dredd will let players’ blast their way to win on 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. NextGen have really pulled out all the stops in terms of artwork and sounds. This game looks amazing and everything that happens is backed up by a hard rock soundtrack that matches the character perfectly. Like the lawgiver that Dredd relies on to dispense justice, this online video pokies adventure comes with a slew of ways in which to profit from Dredd’s exploits.

Dredd himself is Wild and should he land 5 times in a row on an active payline he’ll unveil 5 000 coins. He’ll also substitute the rest of the symbols while only turning his gaze away from the Scatter symbol. Dredd’s famous gold badge serves as the Scatter symbol and multiplies wins while also giving players 10 Free Games/Free Spins.

Judge Dredd Online Video Pokies also comes with an ‘I Am The Law’ feature which can see the great man of the law himself rewarding you with a prize after an unpaid spin. The Superbet is characterised by Dredd’s Lawgiver, the sidearm he uses to take law to the lawless. This gun sits at the right side of the reels and you’ll find that you can adjust its intensity to go from one reel to 3 reels to all 5 reels. This feature enhances the bets you place and increases your chances as it means you could land more Dredd Wilds for more cash.

There’s nothing Dreddful about this game!

Judge Dredd Online Video Pokies offers players a great glance into the world inhabited by a character that has sold millions of comics and has graced the silver screen twice. Whether you’re a fan of Dredd or a fan of online pokies, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy seeing the exciting and violent world of Mega City 1 come to life on your PC screen. There’s nothing dreddful about this game and if you’re ready to mount your Lawmaster and speed out to great winning opportunities, then now is the time. Choose one of our NextGen powered online casinos to enjoy this game and if it is your first time, feel free to get your share of the casino bonus as advertised.