Max Damage

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Pokies

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Pokies offers New Zealand players something truly different from anything else out there in the world of pokies games today. Once again Microgaming have kept ahead of the curve and offered up something completely different and new. This casino game is the very first of its kind – an online pokies arcade game! Gone are the normal pokies reels and in its place is a space adventure game reminiscent of those classic 1980s arcade styled ones. You’ll be tasked with helping Max Damage, a rather suave 007-like figure with flying his space ship through the galaxy while you blast away alien crafts to attain wins of up to 40 000 coins and more. So ready yourself for this exciting space quest online pokies adventure.

Fly Your Ship to Winning Possibilities!

Max Damage is quite the character. In the intro video to this online pokies game, our hero is relaxing in a hot tub with two attractive members of the opposite sex. One could go as far as saying that he’s the James Bond of the galaxy! It’s all done very tongue and cheek though, and thus remains fun and tasteful, as any online pokies game should be. Microgaming has armed this arcade styled pokies game with great graphics and has given players a lot more to do in terms of interaction as the game requires that you guide Max’s ship against the alien enemies while shooting them down.

Gone are the standard pokies staples such as wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins, and in their place you’ll find exciting new alternatives. Freebies, boosters, upgrades, lives, levels, these are the types of features you’ll be playing for as you shoot down aliens and fly your way up the various levels to defeat big bosses for big prizes.

You’ll need to guide Max through a total of 9 levels and you’ll need to have your wits about you as there’s lots more to this online pokies game than just shooting and winning. Working sparingly with your ammunition is of the utmost importance as your reserves are limited, so shoot wisely! With the aforementioned features you’ll need to guide Max through the levels while facing off against bosses on levels 3, 6 and 9.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Pokies has got some serious cash rewards waiting behind those alien crafts. With up to 40 000 coins to be won for collection of freebies, 10 000 for the destruction of ships, and 110 000 for defeating bosses, this space adventure has more than enough to offer New Zealand players.

Intergalactic Online Pokies action

If it’s an online pokies adventure with a difference that you’re after, Max Damage and the Alien Attack is the perfect choice. This game may not be ideal for new players who are looking for simple, straightforward pokies online entertainment, but the arcade style look and feel offers something totally different to the norm. New Zealand players will soon discover that although the pokie game looks a little different there are still plenty of ways to win, and the brilliant bonuses give you an intergalactic boost!

Guaranteed to get your heart pumping, Max Damage and the Alien Attack is among the best online pokies in New Zealand and it’s ready and waiting for you to enjoy!