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Real Steel Online Pokies Review

If you’re looking for a throwback to way back, then Real Steel Online Pokies is one casino game that will more than deliver. This amusing pokies title is set in the 1970s and focuses around a heist. All types of shady and amusing characters are to be found in this game that seems to take its cue from a number of classic films from that time. Classics like Dog Day Afternoon, The French Connection and the Getaway are sure to come to mind when you start playing this crime ridden online pokies game. While the theme might be quite retro, and the accompanying artwork clearly displays it, NetEnt, the makers of this title, have created the kind of visuals that captures that era but with a stylish modern day touch. In fact, it’s safe to say that this casino game can be compared to some of today’s console titles.

Playing Real Steel

The very first thing that will strike you about Real Steel Online Pokies is its soundtrack. The makers of this game have done everything to make it as authentic to its time period as possible and this is most apparent in its soundtrack. Based around the city of New York, Real Steal displays its motley crew of hitmen, thugs, thieves and gangsters across 5 reels and 9 paylines. With more than just a nod to Grand Theft Auto, this casino game comes alive with vibrant sounds and graphics and some major win-enabling features such as Wilds and Scatter symbols.

The rest of the casino game’s imagery is comprised of a safe with gold, a briefcase with a massive diamond, a bag full of cash, blueprints and some passports. Combined with all of the nefarious characters, you know the motives of this game are less than honest, but on the plus side, these hoods are here to hand the loot over to you!

You’ll want to keep a thief’s eye out for the Wild, which happens to be a getaway car. This symbol can be pretty potent! It will imitate all other symbols expect for the Scatter, will multiply all wins it competes by 5x, and in the Free Spins feature can multiply successful combinations by 25x!

Then there’s the Scatter dynamite stick and this explosive symbol can blast up to 15 free spins your way when three land anywhere upon the reels. For every scatter symbol that appears during the free spins feature, you’ll score an extra spin!

Our Final Thoughts

We like Real Steel Online Pokies. Its retro theme with a modern day touch is reminiscent of many of today’s popular video games and thus it’s quite apparent that it’s been designed to appeal to younger gamblers. Having said that, its great soundtrack and winning features all help to create a game that is fresh and as usual, offers something new from the innovative team that is Net Entertainment. Casino Online New Zealand highly recommends this fun-filled crime caper of a slots game.