Reel Steel Poker

Reel Play Poker Review

Finally the two biggest games in online casino history have joined forces to provide Kiwi players with something completely new! You might feel inclined to ask if it’s a slot machine or a video poker machine. What Reel Poker is, is a hybrid casino game that gives you the best of both worlds. The great thing about Reel Poker is that it unites players from both sides of the fence. In the past if you were solely an online slots player, it’s quite possible that you would not have considered trying your hand at online video poker. The same is true if you were a dedicated online video poker player – you probably wouldn’t have been spending much time on the slots. With the combined forces of slots and poker you can now look forward to the mesmerising spinning of the reels and the luck and strategy of video poker when you play Reel Poker.

Playing Reel Poker

At a quick glance, this casino game will remind you of a 5 reel 20 payline slot machine with the exception of all the symbols being playing cards – 15 of them to be exact. As is the case with all online slot machines, you can select your coin size before commencing with the excitement. And what excitement indeed! Click the deal button to see all the cards on the reels get covered in the Reel Poker logo while 5 new cards appear at the bottom of the screen. These 5 cards account for your video poker decision hand.

You’ll be able to choose which cards you’d like to keep and which ones you’d like to discard of. The game’s casino software will also suggest which cards you should keep, but ultimately the decision will rest with you. At this point the deal button would have transformed into a draw or spin button, which you will have to click once you have decided which cards to hold on to.

Clicking the button brings about quite an interesting process to observe. Each of the 5 cards at the bottom of the screen is aligned with the slot machine reels above it. As a result, for each card that you hold back, three will appear on the reel that it is aligned with. For the cards that were not held, the reels aligned with them will spin to reveal random cards from the poker deck.

All 20 paylines in Reel Poker represents a different video poker hand and this means that all kinds of outcomes can come about. The better the hand, the higher the financial outcome. Reel Poker can churn out all kinds of wins and has all the hands inherent in your standard video poker game.

Our Final Verdict

Reel Poker takes two older gaming concepts and amalgamates them to create something new and fresh. If you’re looking for a casino game that takes the magic of the reels and the strategy of poker, then Reel Poker is the prefect gaming candidate. We here at Casino Online New Zealand found this hybrid online casino game incredibly refreshing and entertaining and would highly recommend it to all our players. Enjoy it today at one of our many reputable online casino operators.