Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder Online Pokies Review

Nothing beats the feeling of cruising on the open road, with the sound of a bike’s engine and the roar of the wind filling your ears. What comes really close, though, is the thrill of playing Microgaming’s Reel Thunder!

This graphic-rich online pokies features 5 reels, 9 paylines and special symbols that could make for full-throttle gaming. Playing this game at top quality New Zealand casinos may also be the only time you’ll actually want to meet road hogs! Reel Thunder is action packed and adventure filled pokie and, with plenty of ways to win, you can really put pedal to the metal. As an added bonus this game can also be played in free pokies mode, so you can have fun with no real money bets required. Of course, when you want to win big, all you need to do is place real money wagers and watch as the wins come rolling in!

Software That Could Make Hell’s Angels Smile

Reel Thunder online pokies boasts great graphics and a rock ‘n roll soundtrack punctuated by motorcycle sound effects. The symbols are not without humour and the reels spin seamlessly to produce fair and accurate results.

The interface is player-friendly, so you can enjoy quality gaming on computer or mobile, with ease. This means you can play Reel Thunder anywhere, anytime and there’s no restriction on where you enjoy this exceptional online casino game!

Revved Up Reel Symbols

Pretty much everything you could expect from a decent road trip can be found on the reels of Reel Thunder online pokies.

Apart from the road hog, motorcycle parts and a biker in silhouette, you’ll also find a roadside diner feast of bacon and eggs, a hot dog, chilli peppers, beer and pancakes. All symbols are beautifully rendered and the diner-style dishes will have you licking your lips!

This New Zealand casino game is probably the only place where road hogs are good news. If you meet up with five of them on an active payline, you can look forward to the top 10 000 coin jackpot win!

Scattered on the Reels

The Reel Thunder Scatter symbol is a welcome sight, as it can pay from anywhere on the reels.

At least three of these online pokies symbols need to appear on the reels to pay, but when they do, the payout is based on your bet amount. If another successful combination has been formed on the same payline as paying Scatters, you’ll get both payouts.

Win With the Wild

The Reel Thunder Wild heart symbol only appears on the second, third and fourth reels. This special symbol is a big help to landing wins, as it can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter to complete a combination that will result in a payout.

If more than one winning combination is formed on the same payline, the highest payout will come your way.

Reel Thunder is an enticing online pokies game that’s high-octane theme makes it all the more appealing. Rev your engine and get ready to ride hell for leather in a New Zealand casino game that’s rewarding, entertaining and very exciting!