Sacred Stones

Sacred Stones™ Online Pokies

You won’t want to leave any stone unturned when spinning the reels of the majestic online pokies release from master-creators, Playtech. Sacred Stones™ invites you to discover a wealth of payouts via its 5-reel, 20-payline structure. While it might not be packed with a myriad of features, its uncomplicated paytable rewards could increase your bankroll in a matter of spins. The pokies gem can be played at Casoola, a well-respected mobile/online casino in NZ, on all devices – PC, tablet and smartphone.

Ancient Theme and Symbols

Archaeologists and historians have been able shed the light on past civilizations, based purely on the artefacts they’ve discovered in remote locations. And in this online pokies game, this theme is given a modern twist, with brightly coloured runes, not only holding the key to ancient secrets, but also brilliant winnings. But players won’t have to read to the signs to know the worth of each of the 8 bold stones, dipped in turquoise, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and red, respectively. The paytable provides a quick reference of their values, ranging from as little as 2 to as much as 1000 credits, for winning symbol combinations on an activated payline.

Stacked Wild – Loaded Winnings

The ninth grey stone is the online pokies’ Wild, with a decipherable ‘W’ carved on its surface. Not only does it substitute for every other Sacred Stones™ game symbol, but it appears stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4 too, creating boosted opportunities to strike it lucky with a winning combo. When it substitutes for a symbol, it takes on the same colour, glowing brightly to indicate your win.

Explosive Free Games Feature

Aside from its collapsing reels and stacked Wilds, you can brace yourself for a wave of wins with this online pokies Free Games feature. How does it work? Well, after every winning explosion on the screen, a line is highlighted on the foot of the grey pillar, next to the reels on the right. But you’ll need 5 explosive wins in a row to keep all 5 lines highlighted, which will light up the first block/level on the pillar, equalling 5 Free Games. Better yet, it can keep climbing with every additional explosion, occurring on the same wave, lighting up another block/level. So while 5 consecutive wins will unlock 5 Free Games, 6 will unlock 10, 7 will equal 15, 8 will amount to 20, 9 will reward you with 25, and finally, 10 consecutive wins will let you enjoy a staggering 50 Free Games. Plus, you can re-trigger Free Games within your Free Games round, making the sky the limit.

Why Play at Casoola?

Players in search of an online gambling spot in NZ, are sure to find reasons aplenty to sign up at Casoola. Not only is it host to Sacred Stones™ and various other online pokies from Playtech, but it also offers a lucrative welcome bonus, loads of promotions, live dealer games and around-the-clock support. Is it the best mobile and online casino in NZ? You’ll have to judge for yourself.