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Silent Run Online Video Pokies

Down periscope and prepare yourself for an aquatic underwater adventure that will see you hurling torpedoes at enemy targets in Silent Run Online Video Pokies, a recent addition to the NetEnt catalogue of exciting online video pokies games.  NetEnt has proven itself to be a company that rarely disappoints and with Silent Run it’s created a game with some pretty good immersive qualities. This is most apparent in the game’s soundtrack, which perfectly mimics the silence of the deep while interspersing it with sounds that a submarine would usually make. The setting of the game appears to be around WWII, although the game never actually says what era it takes place in. But if you know anything about world history, you’ll pick up that it is indeed set in that turbulent part of our planet’s history. 


Look and Feel

Silent Run Online Video Pokies lays out its theme quite well. The game is equipped with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines of war-infused underwater action. NetEnt have taken every step to ensure that, as a player, you will experience that same claustrophobic feel were you to ever to consider to dive thousands of leagues under the sea. Like all NetEnt titles, this game has a smooth running gaming engine and looks great. In terms of bonus features, NetEnt have given this video pokies game innovative features that will entertain and reward your play. Image-wise you’ll see battleships, submarines, torpedoes and a host of other sea bombs and artillery. Power symbols are epitomised by the Wild symbol, the Echo Bonus symbol and the Echo Wild Symbol.

The Wild and the Echo Wild Symbol

I must be frank and admit that I’m a sucker for a free spin feature, I think most players are. As far as online video pokies go, few things can beat that feeling of landing three or more Scatter symbols, because that’s when you know that you stand to win some serious cash rewards. Silent Run does not have a Scatter symbol and thus it has no free spins – and this is really my only criticism of the game. However, in NetEnt’s defence, they have equipped it with some serious Wild power and a bonus game which does make up for the lack of free spins. As is always the case, the Wild symbol will substitute and replace the crux of the other symbols while only not affecting the Echo Bonus and Echo Wild symbol.  In the case of the Echo Wild, should this symbol land anywhere on reel 3, it will send out a sonar signal to track down any hidden Wild symbols and create the potential for greater rewards.

The Echo Bonus 

Like the Echo Wild symbol, the Echo Bonus symbol also operates exclusively on reel 3. The good part is that it has simply to appear anywhere on the third reel in order to activate its reward potential. Once it’s landed on reel 3 it send out a signal to search for torpedoes. The outcome can be a random number ranging between 2 and 5. After this you’ll be taken into the Bonus game where you’ll be given a periscope view of the ocean. Before your eyes will appear a number of enemy ships. You’ll need to torpedo those bad boys, but the number of shots you’ll have will be based on the number of torpedoes that were revealed during the initial phase of the bonus. Each ship that you blow up reveals a different win amount and your wins will be multiplied by the multiplier attached to the torpedo. The multiplier value will increase after each missile is fired until you are out of torpedoes.


I liked Silent Run Online Video Pokies. It’s hard to criticise a NetEnt game and, as pointed out earlier, my only real issue with the game is that it doesn’t have a free spin feature. But other than that, Silent Run is  another worthy addition to the NetEnt rand of online casino games and once again shows off the company’s ability to take something like war, which I’ll be honest, does not appeal to me, and turn it into something which does.