Twin Spins Pokies

Twin Spin Online Pokies Review

One of the great things about playing online pokies games is that you’ll never be short of options and gaming innovations. The creative minds behind these little money-spinning machines are always working on new ways to entertain, enthral and intrigue, and for this we salute them. Where else can you enter an online environment and suddenly find yourself faced with more than 200 games ready for instant access? NetEnt is one such gaming company that continues to push for new ideas and this doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes a small change can equate a massive one and it’s this kind of ingenuity that you’ll see when you play Twin Spin Online Pokies.

Playing Twin Spin

Off the bat, if you’re looking for a game with advanced bonus rounds or interactive features, then you might want to give Twin Spin a miss. However, if you’re looking for something that’s quite simple from a gaming mechanical perspective and dazzling to look at, then Twin Spin Online Pokies will more than satisfy your gaming fix. Imbued in bright disco-like colours which are reminiscent of the lights of Las Vegas, Twin Spin sets out to visually engulf your senses more than anything else. But fret not, it’s got a trick or two up its sleeve which will entice you to play it more often than you think!

Unlike any conventional reel structure, Twin Spin relies on ‘ways’ instead of paylines and this means that all wins are derived through like symbols landing after each other in an order that starts with reel one. What also pushes this casino game up by a couple of notches is the fact that it offers a total of 243 winning combinations – quite a bit more than your average run-of-the-mill online pokies machine.

When it comes to the defining factor that sets Twin Spin Online Pokies aside from the rest, it would have to be its twin spin feature. How it basically works is as follows; once you spin the reels, two of them will join together and spin simultaneously. This small yet very innovative feature is quite the game changer because it means that your odds of winning are better in this pokies game. The twin spin feature will occur each time you spin the reels and will randomly select any two reels.

Phenomenal Online Pokies Bonus Features

As a NetEnt game, Twin Spin Online Pokies wouldn’t be complete without offering you additional ways to win, and along with the Twin Spins feature and the 243 Ways to Win format, there’s also a Wild symbol that will give your winnings a boost. The Wild symbol is easy to spot as it’s clearly marked and only appears on reels 2,3,4 and 5. When the Wild lands on the reels it can complete a wining combination, resulting in an instant payout. Keep your eye on the Wild, it often means an online pokies win is coming your way!

Our Verdict

Casino Online New Zealand reviews games all the time. We make it our mission to inform the gaming public of the best way forward and with Twin Spin Online Pokies, we can honestly say that its simple yet ingenious twin feature makes for a very cool and potentially lucrative addition. Dazzling graphics and solid sounds ensure that this game maintains an effective entertainment value guaranteed to keep Kiwi players coming back for more.