Zone of the Zombies Pokies

Zone of Zombies Online Pokies Review

Finally there’s an online pokies game that takes the zombie genre seriously and gives it the proper credit that it deserves! Zone of the Zombies Online Pokies will throw all manner of mutilated body parts your way along with disgustingly massive chances to win cash! Cryptologic have once again produced a pokies game that is incredibly pleasing on the eye, if you’re a zombie fan of course. Even if you’re not, this pokies game will more than fill your rice bowl with its graphic display of the battle of the undead and better yet, its two progressive jackpots, wilds, scatters and  an incredible shoot ‘em up bonus! There are so many ways to win big in this frightmare of a game, and Kiwi players will love all the action and excitement on offer that goes along with every spin!

Gut-Winning Features of this Pokies Games

Zone of the Zombies Online Pokies plays out with your standard zombie storyline. There are all kinds of undead characters, undead dogs included, and amidst all the bloody chaos is your hero and, he’s helped along by all sorts of entrapments designed to stop those warriors from beyond the grave dead in their tracks. From blood-soaked chainsaws to shotguns and bandages, you’ll have all the help you need in combatting the ghouls of this ghastly fun-filled pokies game.

Zone of the Zombies plays out over 5 reels and 25 paylines to provide you with a horrendously good time. Up to 25 paylines can be in play at any time and the betting range starts at 0.01 and goes up to 20 coins per spin. The main symbols to keep an eye out for would have to be the Wild Zombie. With green ooze surrounding this ghastly figure, he’ll slowly make his way across the reels to imitate all other symbols and spew out multiple reward opportunities.

The next big symbol to be very aware of is the Hero scatter symbol. This symbol is straight out of the classic slasher films of the 80s and 90s and has our hero covered in blood wielding a chainsaw! Get three of these symbols and you you’ll open up a second screen bonus where the real actions begins! In a race to get to the police station, you’ll have to help the hero wield his shotgun and trim down up to five undead monsters. As you kill the zombies, random prizes will come your way with additional ones should you survive all the way to the police station.

Final Verdict

Zone of the Zombies Online Pokies is as entertaining as it is enthralling. This casino game caters to fans of the genre and any player seeking something in line with the latest trend of horror films. Visually the game impresses and thanks to its Zombie Feature bonus game, makes for quite an involving experience. With a very wide betting range and lots of undead action, we here at Casino Online New Zealand see every reason to recommend this scary pokies game with its 6 000 coin jackpot prize. Bursting with winning opportunities, playing this online pokies game for real money is definitely the best option, but if you just want to have fun and mingle with the undead, you can also play for free. Zone of the Zombies ticks all the right boxes and offers epic entertainment at every turn. Play it if you dare!