Emu Scratch Cards

As the name suggests, these scratch cards are available at the Emucasino, a multi-partnered establishment that offers its fair share of fun, adventure and winning possibilities. If you’re wondering why we’re focused on their range of online scratch cards, it’s because they have more than 50 – quite a number when you consider the fact that most online casinos will offer players from New Zealand 20 - 30 and maybe 40. But the Emucasino has decided to show the difference between ordinary and extraordinary - that little ‘extra’ but breaching the 50 mark. It’s also worth noting that the Emucasino is stocked with more than enough casino games to keep the choosiest of gamblers content and enough to make the happy-go-lucky crowd continue with their happy-go-lucky playing, and well into the night. 

Why Opt for Scratch Cards?

Good question – simplicity. Let’s face it, not everyone is looking for a challenging table game or the latest in online video pokies technology, which at times can actually be quite complex. Sometimes all you want is something that gives you options to win and challenges you in no further way. And that right there is the beauty of an online scratch card game. It demands little of you, can still entertain you and can pay you – that’s it.  

Online Scratch Cards at the Emucasino

Now as I mentioned, the Emucasino has over 50 versions of online scratch card games. If you’re thinking ‘but didn’t’ he say these games are simple? So why so many?’, that train of thought would be totally understandable. But let’s be frank here – the casino industry has functioned for years and will continue to do so by releasing more of the same thing over and over. For instance when I play a new online video pokies game, I know it’s got reels, paylines and bonus features, but it amuses me to get it re-packaged each and every time. It’s like watching a spaghetti Western – you know there’s going to be a dusty town in the middle of nowhere, a villain and a nameless hero. People love staples with variations and this is exactly what you’ll get when you play the online scratch card games at the Emucasino. And let me assure you, each time I tried a different game, I was inclined to try it over and over. One of the things I really enjoyed about these online scratch cards was the realism in terms of scratching the cards. Each time I was given a coin, or a button or a hairpin and this really amplified the player experience for me.

Who Powers the Emucasino? 

Now if you’re wondering how the Emucasino can cram all those scratch cards into one online casino, wonder no more. Emu has gone the route of most, if not every recent, casino. What am I referring to you may wonder? I’m referring to the notion of packing your online casino with as many games as possible. What’s the quickest way to achieve this goal? Get as many casino software companies to partner with you. It’s a move that works each and every time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for brand loyalty, but what if you can find your brand along with others under one roof? Emucasino is powered by Microgaming, 1x2 Gaming, Multislot, Oryx Gaming, Playson and one of my personal favourites – NetEnt. Together these companies account for the high volumes of games available. Outside of the 50 Emu scratch card games there’s 570 online pokies games and if that’s not more than enough, I’m not sure what is.


Come for the scratch cards, stay for the pokies. Like any online casino looking to keep your patronage, there’s lots to choose from in terms of promotions and incentives. There’s your standard Welcome Deposit bonus, in this case you can get up to NZ$100. Free cash bonuses, exchangeable loyalty points, birthday bonuses, pokies races and a VIP club account for the rest.