All About Online Horse Race Betting

Sports betting in all its forms is exciting online, and you’ll find this to be especially true for Horse Racing. Long known as the Sport Of Kings, it is quite thrilling to watch in general, mobile and online Horse Race betting just makes it all the more so. Read our beginner’s guidelines here, and then start enjoying all the action for yourself.

Possible Bets

The best Horse Racing betting brands for online gamblers in New Zealand, many of which are recommended here, offer several different types of wagers. Start with the simple options and, as you gain more confidence and insight, you can move to the more complex. The most common punts that you’ll come across are the following:

  • Win and Place Bets: Simple, straight punts that form the basis of several more exotic options as well as standing on their own. Put money on who will win the race, or who will place in the top 2 or 3.
  • Exotic Bets: Quadrellas, in which the winners of 4 races must be predicted, and other exotic wagers usually centre on Win and Place Bets across several races.
  • Multi Bets: Multi wagers such as Trebles and Parlays allow you to place several wagers across events on the same ticket. Your payout is much greater but, since every bet has to win, so are your odds!
  • Lay Bets: Putting money on which horses will lose rather than the single winner is known as “Laying”.
  • Each-Way Bets: Wagering each way means you wager that a runner will win, and that it will lose. This way you cover all your bases.
  • Unique Bets: Race-specific Unique wagers can be very lucrative if you have good knowledge and insight about the competitors, so look out for these.

All Available Information Should be Analysed

Whether you’re engaging in land-based or online horse race betting, it’s important to find out as much about the race as you can. This includes:

  • Recent performances of horse and jockey
  • Any injury reports
  • The history of how the jockey and steed work together
  • Track conditions
  • Track length
  • Weather conditions

All these things must be considered together; a horse may usually do well on a certain length of track but have a current injury that could stop it from doing so. Insider tips can be very useful here too, but remember to always treat these with a pinch of salt and to be aware that they are not infallible. Before you can really trust a tipster, you need to see them perform with smaller test-run wagers several times.

Fixed and Pari-Mutuel Odds

You’ll always get the best Horse Racing odds at the sites that we recommend, and you’ll notice that they come in two categories. Fixed odds are more frequently seen in sports, while Pari-Mutuel is the norm for the track.

In both kinds of wagers they can change over time, but those that are fixed are adjusted by the bookmaker to ensure a profit no matter what, while Pari-Mutuel are determined mathematically according to the number of people who placed a bet.

Your personal odds are set at the time you place your wager in fixed event; if they are adjusted over time, different punters have different numbers. For Pari-Mutuel wagers, everybody’s are the same. In essence, this means that the more people punt, the greater the return on a long-shot win in Pari-Mutuel wagers.

You can also use them to gauge what a bookie thinks is going to happen, and what the general wagering public thinks too. As you get more involved in Lay and Each-Way mobile Horse Racing bets, this will become increasingly important.

Remember that Practice Makes Perfect

Even with the best odds, understanding how all the factors work and the wagers differ takes time. Happily, working on your skills at the best Horse Racing betting brands found listed here, is truly enjoyable, and the time you put in is rewarding in more ways than one.

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