Live Sports Betting

In New Zealand, mobile sports betting is a great way to enhance the game experience and possibly win a bit of cash in the process. If you are familiar with online betting sites, you may have heard of live betting, sometimes known as in-play betting. All top-rated online and mobile betting sites offer live betting on the biggest sports betting markets. But what exactly is live betting and how does it work?

What is Live Betting?

With traditional online sports betting, the odds are determined before the match or tournament begins and all bets have to be in by the time the game starts. This is where live sports betting is different. With live betting, the betting only gets going once the game has started. The odds are released at the start of the match and are updated every 10 minutes or whenever there is a major shift in the game.

Why Bet on Live Games?

You may be wondering what the point of betting live is when you can simply bet before the match? Let’s say there is a football match happening. If the teams are evenly matched, the best football odds you will get will be around 1.60 or 1.90 if you are lucky. Clearly, there is not a lot of money to be made off the bet, even if you are and adventurous punter. If the same betting site were to offer live in-play betting, there could be more opportunities to make a profit.

Fluctuating Odds

Even the best sports betting brands have to cover their odds when teams are evenly matched on paper. However, when live betting kicks in, the odds shift as the game progresses. So, while the teams start out at similar odds at the start, the odds can change dramatically. Let’s say for example, in the football match, one team scores 3 quick goals inside the first 20 minutes. After each goal, the odds will shift in favour of the team currently scoring. Suddenly, team A has odds of 1.40 and team B has odds of 2.50 or even 4.00.

Taking the Risk

If the dominant team continues to score goals into the second half and goes 4-up, then the chances of team B winning are ridiculously low. This is where you have the opportunity to put your sports betting knowledge to the test and make some serious money. At this point, Team B might be at odds of 21.00 or higher. If you are intimately familiar with the team and you know they come back strongly in the second half, you could place a fixed odds bet on team B at 21.00.

The Benefits of Betting Live

If your predictions are correct and team B pulls back 2 goals, the odds will shift back down. It doesn’t matter though as your fixed odds bet still stands. If by some chance team B does pull off an epic comeback and scores 3 more goals to win the game, you will stand to make $21 for every $1 you bet. Live betting provides punters with the opportunity to find better odds and use their knowledge for bigger profits. It goes without saying though that live betting requires a deeper understanding of the game compared to regular sports betting, and that it takes skill and practise to really reap the rewards.

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