Understanding the Moneyline In Online Sports Betting

Also known as American odds, moneylines, we are happy to admit, are by far the easiest form of odds for new punters to understand. Even experienced punters who have stuck to fractional odds all their sports betting lives can go pale at the sight of a moneyline.

Once you understand how to read odds expressed in this form, you can calculate them at a glance. No matter where you go for online sports betting, if you see odds expressed in this format, you can still do your betting with ease. Even though the best sports betting brands for punters in New Zealand let you choose the odds format, understanding the different formats can only benefit your betting.

How to Read Moneylines

The easiest way to explain how to read a moneyline is to use an example. You might find the best football odds expressed as moneylines, even though the format is preferred for sports known for producing lower-range scores.

Such odds are usually shown in units of 100. For example, you might see a moneyline of Team A +120, Team B -130. The negative number indicates which of the 2 teams is the favourite; in this case, Team B.

What this means is:

  • A NZ$130 bet on Team B will produce a profit of NZ$100 if Team B wins
  • A NZ$100 bet on Team A will yield NZ$120 profit if Team A wins
  • Betting on the favourite in the hope of a profit costs more than betting on the underdog

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A Closer Look

When perusing the best Kiwi sports betting sites for the best moneyline on the up-coming match, you might see some in which the difference is not too great. Others, however, might vary considerably.

It is not uncommon to see moneylines such as Player A -700, and Player B +550. You would not be the first punter to wonder why the difference between the 2 can be so great.

Basically, the difference between the 2 increases along with the favourite’s likelihood of winning. In the case of Players A and B, Player A is clearly the favourite.

You would need to bet NZ$700 on Player A to win NZ$100 if that player wins. If you bet NZ$100 on Player B, and Player B wins, your bet wins NZ$550.

Secure Moneyline Bets Online

You might be wondering if it is safe to place a moneyline bet at a sportsbook with the best football odds. The honest answer is that it depends entirely upon the site.

If it is one of the best sports betting brands we recommend for punters in New Zealand, it certainly is. They use top quality software, the latest data encryption, and are licensed and regulated, so the odds are always fairly calculated and you’ll always get your winnings if you place a successful punt.

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