Online Sports Trading Betting Strategies

Anyone who is familiar with sports betting will probably have heard of sports trading. In simple terms, sports trading is where two or more bets are placed on the speculation of the outcome of a sports event before the conclusion of the event itself. The main idea with sports trading is to earn a profit from the change in betting odds before and during the event.

The Concept of Trading

For anyone interested in sports trading, it is important to note that trading generally takes place at betting exchanges rather than online or mobile sports betting sites. This is mainly because at betting exchanges, punters can both back and lay a bet against a team or possible outcome. Sports trading is all about predicting the momentum and movement of the odds.

The simplest form of sports trading is placing 2 pairs of opposing bets on the exact same event. By backing a bet at high odds and laying the same bet at short odds, a trader can theoretically make a profit either while the game is in play or before the game or match has even begun.

Strategies to Employ

Unlike online sports betting, sports trading requires far more insight into the movement of markets and odds within a particular sport. It is essential that you gather as much information about the sports and the teams as possible. Since trading is all about backing the favourites, there can be no margin for error when deciding which team to back.

Entry and Exit Points

In order to make profit with sports trading, one seeks to back a favourite before the game. Hopefully they will score first at which time you can lay the bet as the odds decrease. Trading relies on careful plaining especially in terms of your entry and exit point. Picking the right time to back is one of the most important skills you can learn. Laying may be a little easier as this is mainly based on the movements of the odds in-play.

What Odds to Lay or Back?

If you are familiar with exchange betting sites, the best football odds posted by traders are usually round numbers. A good strategy is to place your order a tick above or below the going rate. You might be making less money, but your bet will be matched quicker.

Timing is Everything

Often punters will see odds of 1.25 or less. The immediate thought is to lay the bet and wait for a potentially high reward. Instead of laying straight away, always consider the matchup and when the goals may be scored. A good strategy to employ is to lay the team with a reasonable goal or point margin. The best sports betting brands use this same tactic to create serous profit.

Taking football as an example, if a team is 2 goals up the odds will be incredibly low at this point. Also consider how much time is left. If the opposing team scores even one goal back, the odds will shift and it is time to back the favourites.

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