Getting the Most Out of VIP and Loyalty Programs

Playing at the online casinos that we recommend for you here at Casino Online New Zealand is always satisfying and rewarding, and with VIP and Loyalty Programs you’ll get even more out of every playing session. These are designed to keep you happy, playing and loyal to a specific casino, and are also beneficial to you making them the very definition of a win-win situation!

Many sites offer both Loyalty and VIP programs, with the VIP Clubs available when you reach a certain level in the Loyalty Program or via invite only. What it all usually boils down to is being more rewarded as you play more and more, with comp points forming the basis of this.

What are Comp Points?

Comp points are points that are awarded for every real-money bet that you place. Often, online casinos will run special promotions where making deposits of a certain size or playing specific games will earn you even more points. As you earn more points you’ll climb higher up the tiers of the Loyalty Program, earning more and more perks as you go.

Comp points can also often be exchanged for cash or casino credits, boosting your wagering power and payout potential in a similar way to casino bonuses.

As you climb higher and higher on the Loyalty Club ladder, you’ll attain greater and greater status. This may culminate with you becoming a VIP player, if that’s how the casino works, or simply a top-tier Loyalty Club member.

Whether you need to be separately invited to an exclusive VIP Program or you just need to rise through the ranks as a Loyalty Club member, the basic principle of being more pampered, spoilt and rewarded as you play more and more is essentially the same.

What Perks Can I Expect?

The special treatment that you get as a Loyalty or VIP Club member is always a plus, since you’re basically getting extra benefits for plays that you would have made anyway. If you’re starting out getting something for nothing and then get more from there, it can only be an incredibly lucrative situation – and at the casinos we review here at Casino Online New Zealand, it most definitely is!

Earlier rewards include earning more comp points faster, speedier withdrawals and exclusive casino promotions and bonuses. As you progress you might get invited to exclusive events, private games and live tables, and even dedicated personal casino account managers who are available to you around the clock. Certain VIP Programs even invite online and mobile casino players to elite land-based events.

Are All Loyalty Programs the Same?

If you’re wondering whether the different Loyalty and VIP Clubs at the different casinos are all the same, the answer is a resounding no. They might be run along the same basic principles and ideas, but they have many differing qualities as well.

You’re awarded different amounts of comp points for different things, to start with, and the way you redeem them is often different as well. Some casinos even theme the redeeming of the comp points around a Loyalty Club Store that is available via the lobby, which makes things a little more interactive and enjoyable.

There’s also quite a lot of variation in how many levels and tiers there are within a program, with some offering as little as 3 and some going higher than 7. In addition, the amount of points that you need to earn to level up to the next tier of the programs tends to vary quite a lot.

However, although there are many Loyalty and VIP Programs that are quite clearly distinct from any others, you may also find that some of your favourite online casinos offer the same Programs. There are a few well-known groups that own and operate collections of casinos in New Zealand and around the rest of the world, and tend to run the same VIP and Loyalty Clubs across them all.

Having the same rewards programs available at a few of the different online and mobile casinos you visit can actually be very lucrative, since the points you earn at any of them can be redeemed at them all. They’ll also all contribute to your Loyalty or VIP status, adding even more benefits. If you can find a collection of online casinos that all operate with a single Loyalty scheme and you genuinely enjoy playing at them all, you might want to concentrate your activities there. Your Loyalty and VIP perks will come to fruition that much faster!

Nothing but Benefits

Since you were always going to be playing online casino games anyway, and VIP and Loyalty Programs cost nothing to join, there are no disadvantages to any of them. Finding good ones at the best New Zealand online casinos will just mean that you enjoy more perks more often!