Online Sports Arbitrage Strategies

Online sports betting encompasses many sports betting strategies, some of which work and others don’t. One popular method of betting is called Arbitrage, or Arbing for short. In basic terms, Arbitrage betting consist on a punter betting on all the possible outcomes of a sporting event in order to guarantee a profit. Unlike regular sports betting, Arbitrage does not require in-depth sports knowledge or skills in order to come out ahead. It is merely a form of sports trading and a mathematical certainty.

With regular sports betting, backing all the outcomes of an event would naturally lead to a loss in profits. With Arbitrage betting, a punter specifically looks for the best odds across multiple online betting sites to ensure a profit when the bets are combined. With the arrival of exchange betting sites, Arbitrage betting can be split into two main betting strategies.

Strategies for Betting Sites

The first Arbitrage betting strategy is the traditional bookmaker route. For this strategy to work, a punter must find the best football odds or whatever sporting event taking place at multiple bookmakers. Since you are backing either side of the bet, the key is to find the lowest odds at each site and then mathematically calculate how much must be wagered on each bet to guarantee a profit.

If for example, Liverpool are playing Chelsea in the Premier league. Liverpool might be the favourites at odds of 1.36. If you are able to find odds for Chelsea at 5.5, you have the potential for arbitrage. A $50 bet on Liverpool would yield payout of $60. To get the same payout on Chelsea, the amount bet would need to be $10.90. This would guarantee a profit if either bet won.

The key to Arbitrage betting at online or mobile sports betting sites is to get in early when the odds are first put up. There is usually a disparity between the sites which can be taken advantage of if you are quick.

Arbitrage and Exchange Betting Strategies

The second type of Arbitrage sports strategy involves the use exchange betting sites. The basic idea is the same in terms of looking for the best odds on the bet you are going to back. In this strategy, you back and lay both sides of the bet. To make this strategy effective, you first have to look for longer odds on backing bets. The best sports betting brands will generally offer the same odds, but it can be worth your while to look around.

Once you have found the right odds, you back both sides of the bet. The next step is to lay the same outcome at an exchange betting site for shorter odds. For example, if you are backing a bet at 1.42 on the favourites and 6.40 on the underdogs, you would need to lay the bet at shorter odds. In this way, you can mathematically calculate the exact odds needed to ensure a profit no matter which side of the bet wins. A good strategy is to post your exchange betting order slightly above or below the market rate to ensure your bet gets picked up in time.

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